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Saturday February 13 @ 20:00
Sunday February 14 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 »
Test Project: Lcgn Mini
Today i want to present a test project i have been working on.
Its for the PVP lovers.

I have taken a old school server from the beginning of 2013.
Removed everything that is not relevant for this project.
This means there is only 1 world, a very small world.
There are no monsters on this server, no other equipment.
No pets, no Titles, no affinity, none of that.
1 Town, 3 arena's
Start level 185
Starter equipment +18
Free jewels
Very smooth running client (only 300mb memory usage)
Faster healing in safe zones
No leveling, no questing, only pvping

This was made to just be a side thing, you can have some fun and log back out and
do what you were doing before.
Posted at Sunday, 07 February - 14:24 by Administrator
About Attacking Gs On Duty

As rules say:


-Attacking a GS on duty (Counts for events and sieges).
1. Offense  = Warning
2. Offense  = 1 Days Ban
3. Offense  = 3 Days Ban
4. Offense  = 7 Days Ban
5. Offense  = Repeating 4th offense
This counts for attacking in general, not only for kills.
If a GS ask you to stop attacking him while he's on duty, you STOP.
Otherwise rule will be applied from the offence n2.
In order to make this rule count, we only accept videos .
Posted at Monday, 25 January - 16:15 by AnXieTy
Maintenance 2016-01-24
Some small fixes

- [MCS] attacking bug fixed, (don't need PK mode anymore)
- [MCS] Required amount of guild members lowered to 1 like DCS
- [DCS] Absorbing under the tomb is not possible anymore (unless its a clientside glitch)
- [DCS] Total defense seconds will display correct now
- [DCS] When absorption fails, it will tell why (image below)
- 2 resolutions added for fullscreen mode HD & 4K (1920x1080 & 3840x2160)
- Maximum zoom changed from 9 to 50 (image below)
- Christmas logo when logging in removed
- Gold guild frame bug fixed
- Alber towers can be attacked again by Melee chars


Posted at Sunday, 24 January - 04:47 by Administrator
[Gs] Pet Event

We've run this before and is time to run it again.


For those who do not know how this event works here a brief explanation:



The players need to ask the GS to take out the pets and take a screenshot (full screen) with the GS name and the pet. Once the player found all parts of the sentence and took all screenshots he needs to attach them into the forum topic and write down the full sentence in the right order.
Example : \"0590f-fcd41dcb-cf64-495b-99ec-f42eaa9208\"
GameSage who will participate :
3First Winners
1# 5 250 Parts locked of your choise +5 SuperBuffs
2# 3V2 rings locked + 5 SuperBuffs
3# 5 Affinity boxes + 5 SuperBuff
Remember Pet's cannot be used on channel 4.Ask them to move their fat asses
Posted by GreekLover at Sunday, 07 February - 14:24
Event On Facebook Platform
Hello :)
Today i will present you our first event on our facebook page.
Take a screen while you spend time on LCGenericName02(farming,pvping,sitting in arena w.e you want)
Winners : 5
Prizes  : 5 hide&Seek cards ea winner
Rules   : Only one winner per post
 On screen it has to be shown the name of your character (check example)
 Since i announced the event on forum feel free to take part but you need to like our fb page
Event ended.
Thanks all for participating.
winners will be announced here soon..
Posted by GreekLover at Monday, 25 January - 16:15
The Hunger Games Event.
The Hunger Games event
Most of you will know the famous Hunger Games movies, but for those that don't, here is a little sum up from Wiki: 
\"The Hunger Games universe is a dystopia set in \"Panem\", a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and twelve districts in varying states of poverty. Every year, children are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called The Hunger Games.\"
So what actually happens at the The Hunger Games?
The player's first aim are to retrieve the necessary items to survive. However, in the race to get the items, they can be killed, and can kill, other players. And that's exactly that part of the movie I want to recreate. 
A HGM will drop an item called \" Survey Kit \" \"05b13-7b668cb4-e712-4986-bf3e-bb572de9d0\" and players will have to run, and get the item before anyone else. PvP will be allowed so players will be able to kill each other. When someone is killed, the killer will have to PM the (H)GM with the name of the player they killed. The (H)GM will be in the spawn, meaning resurrection scrolls will not be allowed.
Once the kill is confirmed the (H)GM will announce, something like: \"District 3 - GreekLover has been killed.\" The killer will not me mentioned. This does not mean everything is over for that district, as they will still have their other participant running for the victory.
If a player obtains the item, he/she will have to try to keep it until the event finishes (when everyone else has died). When someone kills the player in holding, the item will be passed along to the killer. When all the districts are eliminated, the winner will be announced, and the player will be the Hunger games King/Queen. 
There can be two winners, if coming from the same district. So, for example, if District 3 won thanks to Dutchy, then his partner, GreekLover, who may have died, will receive a prize as well.
You have to write below the player with who you wanna be, and the districts. 
Rules :
 - The map will always be maze
 - You cannot go out of the map 
 - You cannot Invi 
 - You can use the lizard, but if your lizard gets killed, you CANNOT release it 
 - Clerics are ALLOWED. 
Rewards : 
 - \"05b13-e0c30329-1140-472c-878e-cdeaf3bd16\" \"05b13-243b4c0d-ae3e-4c89-8e07-ccbe671222\"
Here is a video, made as example, that's really simple.
We weren't a lot of GS but there will be at least 6 districts which is 12 players.
Thank to the Admin for creating the items, and title.   :wub: 
 And thank to KenZ for the event idea  :wub:
Also thank to my amazing Copy/Paste skills.  :ph34r: :ph34r:
Event will be hosted Sunday 6 December at 5pm server time.
Posted by AnXieTy at Sunday, 24 January - 04:47
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Specialist Venatorum   26 ShaarmandeR Assassin lDanGeRouSl
xSkyze Ranger IDontProvoke   27 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard PaktDerWoelfe
Bisu Ranger LCGN02Staff2013   28 VSVP ExAssassin I337
4 FasoN Assassin TagglePtn   29 Domey Assassin x3lsz
5 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   30 GodHatesUsAll Assassin
6 x404 Assassin Avoidance   31 Flyer Assassin
7 lAndromedal Assassin AveFenix   32 PerfectPwnaGe Assassin TagglePtn
8 Screamx Ranger Delyrium   33 Aczino ExAssassin Sudametrica
9 xBlackHawkx Assassin lDanGeRouSl   34 NeDeXPwnagE Assassin BamBamStyIe
10 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   35 xTwister ExAssassin SlaystatioN
11 Keev Assassin DopedUp   36 CirCuz NightShadow Descendants
12 xTyson Assassin   37 Fyxoon Assassin Descendants
13 UnknowV3 ExAssassin   38 Akyshaa Cleric All4One
14 BLACKBAER ExAssassin GummiBaeren   39 NewHorizons Assassin
15 MaaxDamagePaack ExAssassin LightDefenders   40 xKamiKaze ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe
16 Anero Assassin Descendants   41 CallMeSextoy Assassin TagglePtn
17 Sanah Wizard Descendants   42 Rapwnzel Assassin
18 IlNowYouSeeMeIl Assassin IDontProvoke   43 KorsaBanned Ranger
19 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   44 Raly Specialist AveFenix
20 [GS]Baaah Wizard lDanGeRouSl   45 HOMICIDA Assassin Arcadia
21 Shelsea Archer LesAngesGardiens   46 xlAyrtonlx Assassin lDanGeRouSl
22 xPyrokhar Assassin   47 HanShotFirst NightShadow Avoidance
23 Maleficus Witch Venatorum   48 SasukexUchiha Assassin Akatsukii
24 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow   49 SlasheR Ranger BamBamStyIe
25 Tadnfatafd NightShadow DcWs   50 MM93 Assassin Avoidance

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