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Saturday July 11 @ 20:00
Sunday July 05 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 ยป
DCS Update and New Sever Location

New Server
Today we are going to start using the new server in a more convenient location in Europe.
This should give a better ping for most of the players.
Normally this new server should also solve a lot of lags and is much better protected against DDoS attacks.
Not that we really needed that last one, but its always a nice feature.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
128GB DDR3 1600
3x SSD 300GB
500Mbps bandwith (1gbps burst)


Downtime for the server move is expected to be somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. 



DCS Update
We have changed DCS up a little.
Before it was "possible" to come in the last 5 minutes and win the siege.
This is not possible anymore. 

The server will now keep track of how long you managed to defend your castle during that siege.
At the end of DCS the server will calculate all the defend times together and the guild that posessed the castle the longest during that siege will be the winner.
At the end of the siege a scoreboard will be displayed so that there will be no confusion to those that didn't read this message.
A nice added feature is that it keeps track of the kills and deaths aswell.
Those will however not count in the final result and are for informational purpose only (for now)
Maybe in the future we can make the server give points for time, kills and deaths but for now its just for time.

Example with random generated data:



Posted at Sunday, 05 July - 13:59 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-07-01
Almost all changes today are based on suggestions taken from the suggestions forum.
- 80% anti stun/stone/silence cap removed.
- Alber Spawnkilling made impossible with safezones that can only be entered by your own faction.
- Items that don't stack removed from Jinarr's Magic Book
- Items added to Jinarr's Bunch of Processed Goods
- - Imperfect Water Crystal
- - Imperfect Wind Crystal
- - Imperfect Earth Crystal
- - Imperfect Light Crystal
- - Flawed Light Crystal
- - Chipped Water Crystal
- - Chipped Wind Crystal
- - Chipped Earth Crystal
- - Chipped Fire Crystal
- - Chipped Light Crystal
- P2 Pets have a little more of everything (HP, Defense, Attack, ..., ...)
- P2 Pets Permanent Custom 165 armor/weapon can be dropped in Prokyon.
- Monsters in prokyon changed to level 220 (attack/def level still 210)
- Energy collectors removed from Mazar Energy Ball
- Hammer and Pickaxe removed from Mining Bag of Randol Knightage
- Platinum Booster added in the Special Items Merchant (50.000 gold for 1)
- Pet Name Tag will now allow names with special characters
- Lust Trum 9 Teleport added to the item mall for all those too lazy to walk
- Maze Bosses re-spawn time lowered to 3 minutes
- EXP and SP Booster will be toggle items
- Link to forum (key B ) is removed
Posted at Wednesday, 01 July - 01:14 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-06-18

Some small changes


- Problem with Custom Title being equipped when teleporting or dying fixed

- Character out of range problem should be fixed

- Month of the Titan ended.

- Month of the Sorcerer started.

- Skill balancing changes on 2 skills

- Other small bugfixes


Posted at Thursday, 18 June - 17:22 by Administrator
Month of the Sorcerer

This \"month\" will be the Month of the Sorcerer. 


Every new created sorcerer will start with level 165 and 165+25 equipment. 



Posted by Administrator at Sunday, 05 July - 13:59
Selfie Event!
Here we go with another Selfie Event!
I know, i know, you are wondering \"omg, selfie event..again?!?!?Why?!?!\"
Well, yes. I like to see good looking people around the server ;)  (I'm a total creep :ph34r:)
If you are not good looking, worry not! Think of that : You can never ever be uglier than Greek  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:
So don't be shy and join the event!! :P
Rules are simple: You need to take a selfie with your toon/lcgeneric02 screen in the background^^
There will be 3 winners. (they will be choosen by a random raffle)
Prizes will be: 8000 cash for the first place + a Town Boss Box A
                      a lvl 100 drake(or horse) for the 2nd  + a Town Boss Box A
                      and 2 aragonites lvl 15 for the 3rd  + a Town Boss Box A
Everyone else who join the event will still receive a Town Boss Box A
Event will end the 7/06/2015
          Keep this topic clean and stay on topic! Other posts will be hidden!
Posted by AnXieTy at Wednesday, 01 July - 01:14
[Ended] Month of the Titan

Today i want to introduce a new \"event\"

Over the course of the next 6 months we will be promoting the creation of new characters and specially the \"forgotten classes\"

The last balancing update made them worth playing, but are you looking forward to leveling a new one? i thought so!


From today (2015-05-09) until June 9 you will gain additional benefit on creating a new titan

- Start level 165

- Start Equipment 165+25 armor and 165+20 weapon



Posted by Administrator at Thursday, 18 June - 17:22
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
DanieI NightShadow NoHarmIntended   26 lAndromedal Ranger Betrayal
ZamknijSie Ranger Reditum   27 20MAY14 ExAssassin Reditum
Trygonus Specialist FlawlesS   28 Rapwnzel Assassin
4 Bisu Assassin LCGN02Staff2013   29 SmoKya Assassin Arcadia
5 Sneax ExAssassin   30 RaeSremmurd Specialist FromHeII
6 BlagamCie Assassin Reditum   31 Aerina ArchWitch ArticuloMortis
7 xBlackHawkx Ranger PacktDerWolfe   32 SmileYouAreDead Assassin Arcadia
8 xMysticism Ranger   33 Domey Assassin
9 Osgar Assassin HavanaClub   34 xSoWTF Assassin
10 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   35 xMaejor NightShadow
11 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard PacktDerWolfe   36 Baaah Wizard Descendants
12 JustBIaze ExAssassin HavanaClub   37 x0utLawZz Assassin
13 Anero Assassin Descendants   38 Estheer Assassin FireBull
14 BlackBaerchen ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   39 xCrimsonTide NightShadow FlawlesS
15 xPsykedelikS ExAssassin   40 SakMajPtak Assassin
16 Shelsea Archer Utopya   41 Energetixxx Assassin LongLiveASAP
17 ZendayA Archer FlawlesS   42 xPsychoNoobx Assassin FlawlesS
18 Reyes Witch Descendants   43 HanShotFirst NightShadow HOSTILE
19 MedikamentenManfred ExAssassin HavanaClub   44 xKorsakoff Assassin xEternalKillerS
20 JustBlaze Assassin HavanaClub   45 xCcRx ExRanger xPlayAndWin
21 CirCuz NightShadow Descendants   46 xShady Assassin xOneManArmy
22 MaskedMenace NightShadow HavanaClub   47 Mykado Assassin OrdreAssassin
23 XDariusX Assassin Arcadia   48 KingTheKilla Assassin SpotIight
24 Quallnaros NightShadow HavanaClub   49 IMachine Assassin Reditum
25 SweetBarbieBoy Assassin FromHeII   50 DeadFish NightShadow FlawlesS

Next ranking update in 8 hours, 43 minutes and 39 seconds