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Faction Change on the Website fixed
We have became aware that the faction change system (with equipment) on the website was not working.
This is fixed now, incase you have used this and it didn't change your equipment please use the Contact Us feature on the website and we will
change it for you quickly.
Posted at Friday, 27 February - 13:45 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-02-21
- Regular hits are no longer stronger then skills.
To achieve this we had to lower your weapon's base attack, and increase your skills power.
This will create a more fair PVP.

- Artifact 15 minute problem not being 15 minutes is fixed.
Posted at Saturday, 21 February - 16:10 by Administrator
The artifact safezone limitations are expanded.
Stay in town longer then 15 minutes and your artifact will be gone.
Running quickly out of town and back inside will not work anymore.
You have to stay outside at least 10 minutes to reset the timer.

The time check between fusing jewels has been lowered.
So it should no longer hit false positives.
Posted at Monday, 09 February - 03:00 by Administrator
Music Trivia Quizz

Music Trivia


The idea is to guess the artist and title of a particular song


First verse is posted then player guesses the title and posts a link to the


song, then puts their own first verse for the next player


Very simple



So if I was first I would post my verse



I was nothing but a lonely boy
Looking out for something new
And you were nothing but a lonely girl
But you were something
Something like a dream come true


The next person to post would need to guess who and what


post a link



Then post their own lyrics


Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o'clock alarm would never ring.
But it rings and I rise,
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
My shavin' razor's cold and it stings..


And so on. Lets see what sort of music everyone enjoys, remember this is for fun, so please no flaming, please don't post the same song more than once, lets have lots of different artists, songs and styles of music


Please remember this game is PG13, so no rude or inappropriate lyrics, they will be removed


+++NOTE+++ Each correct guess/link will award you 1 random level 7 gem. You can win more than once, but you can NOT post after yourself to guess your own lyrics

Posted by HeHeItsMe at Friday, 27 February - 13:45
Valentine's Day Wedding Registry

Hi guys! So it's almost the day of lovey dovey mooshey gooshey AWWWWW lovelove type stuff, filled with teddy bears,flowers,candy, and entirely too much red! (and i get to write everything in pink^^  :P)





Would you like to marry your e-lover? Perhaps your best friend? Here's your chance!

(NO you may NOT marry your pets, your weapons, or your hands,so please don't ask)


We are going to run again, a wedding event! (perhaps some of you remember this from last year)


For those that may not, I'll give a quick rundown...


On this post, you will be able to enter, or 'register' your couples who wish to be married on Valentine's Day, and the location preferred, Here's an example :


Couple: [HGS]AntiSociaL + Botis

Location: Tarian



Once the registrations are done, a time will be worked out that is best for everyone and we will begin performing the ceremonies

(I will perform most of these, but you may request another staff member instead via PM'ing me,we will try to accommodate as best as we can)


Once married, each couple will receive a wedding band and a marriage certificate(compliments of [HGM]Dutchy)



Note: No weddings will be performed during MCS,don't worry

EDIT: bc clearly i have to say it >.< you canNOT get married in a solo dungeon

Posted by AntiSociaL at Saturday, 21 February - 16:10
2014 LCGN02 Awards ((Nominations))

Another year has passed for LCGN02 and it's rather amazing community

We've watched you all work hard this year

As such, We think it's time to have a little fun and give something back!

So! We will be taking nominations for the next 7 days on which players YOU think are the best


((remember you can nominate as many people as you please, but you CAN'T use multiaccounts or nominate yourself!!! ))


To Nominate: simply copy the section or sections with which you wish to nominate someone and post in the comments below with their names 

Entries will be tracked for the next 7days, from there we will open a voting post for the top contenders


Best Archer
Worst Archer
Best Grinder (Archer)
Best Cleric
Worst Cleric
Best Grinder (Cleric)
Best Sin
Worst Sin
Best Grinder (Sin)
Best ExSin
Worst ExSin
Best Grinder (ExSin)
Best ExRanger
Worst ExRanger
Best Grinder (ExRanger)
Best Ranger
Worst Ranger
Best Grinder (Ranger)
Best Witch
Worst Witch
Best Grinder (Witch)
Best Wizard
Worst Wizard
Best Grinder (Wizard)
Best ArchWitch
Worst ArchWitch
Best Grinder (ArchWitch)
Best ArchWizard
Worst ArchWizard
Best Grinder (ArchWizard)
Best Specialist
Worst Specialist
Best Grinder (Specialist)
Best Elementalist
Worst Elementalist
Best Grinder (Elementalist)
Best Royal Knight
Worst Royal Knight
Best Grinder (Royal Knight)
Best Temple Knight
Worst Temple Knight
Best Grinder (Temple Knight)
Best Warmaster
Worst Warmaster
Best Grinder (Warmaster)
Best Highlander
Worst Highlander
Best Grinder (Highlander)
Best NightShadow
Worst NightShadow
Best Grinder (NightShadow)
Best Guild
Worst Guild
Best PVPer
Worst PVPer
Best Couple
Worst Couple
Best Grinder (Overall)
Worst Grinder (Overall)
Most Helpful Player
Best Staff
Worst Staff 
Best Event
Worst Event
REMINDERS!!!!!  Remember you are NOT allowed to use multiclient or accounts to nominate friends/people
                            Remember you are NOT allowed to nominate yourself!!
                           Remember flaming gets deleted, I know it's hard but try not to do it folks!!
Play fair and good luck to everyone!!!!
Posted by AntiSociaL at Monday, 09 February - 03:00